General Dentistry Tips on Flossing

Healthy habits are the number one rule to a healthy mouth. By developing habits early on, keeping your teeth and gums healthy will be easy and something you do without thinking about it. While children need to be taught these habits as soon as possible, it is certainly possible for adults to develop habits as well. This month’s general dentistry tips are about how to make these habits part of your daily routine with a focus on the importance of regular flossing.

When you go to the dentist one of the first questions you get asked is how often you floss your teeth. Some people may admit to it not being a regular part of their daily oral hygiene routine. Flossing is vital to keeping gum disease away and for maintaining a healthy mouth along with regular brushing. Flossing can be a difficult habit to make stick even for adults. With some simple tips and guidelines though, it can easily become second nature to you.

Set Reminders

Throughout the day, you are reminding yourself of things frequently. From alarm clocks to grocery lists, whether mental or written down, you get what you need to get down through reminders. The same goes for developing the habit of flossing. In the beginning, before you start flossing automatically, having reminders will ensure you are flossing regularly. A good way of doing this is placing a sticky note on the bathroom mirror. You will see this daily and be reminded to floss as you’re doing your nightly and morning routine.

Choose A Good Floss

At the beginning, flossing can be uncomfortable to get used to. Fitting your hand in your mouth and getting the hard to reach places can be difficult. One way to make this easier, is to choose a good floss. If you’re using a floss that gets stuck in your teeth and or shreds and breaks, you’re not likely to continue the habit. There are plenty of dental floss options on the market to choose from. If you have tight teeth, there are waxed flosses that are made to glide between the teeth easily. There are also different flavors such as mint and cinnamon. No matter your preference, finding a floss that is easy for you to use will make the habit easier.

Notice the Difference

Once you begin flossing regularly, you will notice the difference in your teeth. You won’t have food and buildup in between your teeth and your breath will be better. Taking the time to notice the difference, you will know when you’ve skipped flossing and you will see how important it is to keep up the habit. You will also notice changes as you’re flossing. In the beginning, you may experience some sensitivity and there might be a small amount of blood from your gums, as your gums grow accustomed to flossing this will go away.

No Pressure

There may be days when you forget to floss your teeth, it happens and it’s important not to be hard on yourself about it. Simply reminding yourself to do it the next time you brush. Experts say that it takes 21 days to form a habit that sticks. Just keep trying and you’ll get it soon enough!

While you may be consistent with your brushing each day, you need to be including flossing as well. Brushing alone won’t remove the plaque and food particle from between your teeth. Flossing will reduce your chance of getting gum disease while also giving you fresh breath and a healthy smile.

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