Chapel Hill Dentist working with CEREC machine

When you first hear that you need a crown, you may be concerned with the amount of time it’s going to take out of your busy day, if it will be painful, how costly it will be and more. The good news is that these days, the dental field can offer many technologically advanced solutions to a variety of dental procedures. This new technology is allowing procedures to be shorter, less painful and more effective. Everything from cosmetic dentistry to restorative dentistry is seeing growth in technology. CEREC crowns are one such example, making getting a crown faster and more long lasting.

There are many situations that a tooth may require a crown versus a simple filling. It may be that the tooth has a crack or hole that is too large for a filling to cover. If you’ve had a root canal, it will almost always need to be covered with a crown after the procedure. Another reason could be that the tooth has an undesirable appearance such as discoloration, broken surfaces or an uneven appearance. There are many other reasons why a dentist may choose to use a crown on a tooth, which is why it’s good to have choices when it comes to crown placing procedures.

An improved advancement in crown technology is the CEREC unit for dental restorations. CEREC stands for ceramic reconstruction and is a system that assists a dentist in providing high quality, metal-free dental restoration. The process for getting a CEREC crown is simple for both you and your dentist. The process will start with your appointment and examination, photo imaging of your teeth, milling the restoration and end with placing the crown over your tooth using strong bonding material. The CEREC skips the process of taking messy manual impressions and instead takes a picture of the tooth and surrounding teeth to provide a blueprint for the crown. CEREC crowns come in a range of 17 shades to match the color of your natural teeth color, allowing it to blend in unnoticeable when you talk, eat, and smile. Because of the material used, the crowns are considerably stronger than many other materials. The process for a CEREC crown is comfortable and pain free.

Another huge benefit of using the CEREC machine is the time effectiveness of it. With traditional crowns, impressions must be made, a temporary cap needs to be placed, and you must wait for the off-site laboratory to make the crown. You then must schedule another appointment to come back and get the permanent crown placed. Using the CEREC, your dentist can do this all in one appointment. In just one appointment, you will walk out with a new crown and no need to book a series of long appointments and procedures.

Next time you need a crown done, find a dentist who uses the CEREC crowns. You will have a fast, painless crown placement without worrying about quality issues providing you will a long lasting, quick crown.

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