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Pediatric Dentistry: Tips to Get Your Children to Brush and Floss

Parents have a lot of lessons to teach their children. From tying their shoes to riding a bike to good table manners, parents try to instill good habits and healthy processes that will last a lifetime. To this point, parents also have a role to play in pediatric dentistry. In fact, helping your kids learn to […]

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Family Dentistry: 4 Tips to Ease Pediatric Dental Anxiety

Many children get nervous when they face the unexpected. Even though most dental procedures are painless, the fear of the unknown can make a child feel uneasy. A dentist’s office is filled with unfamiliar noises and strange equipment. As a parent, you want to ease their fears while providing access to high-quality dental care. Try […]

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Kids Pediatric Dentistry: Dental Sealants Protect Against Cavities

It’s a fact that kid’s teeth fall out, eventually they will lose the primary teeth that are replaced with permanent ones. While these teeth are temporary, that doesn’t mean dental care for them isn’t important! Dental health and care is important when it comes to pediatric dentistry. Untreated primary teeth, also called baby teeth, can […]

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